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Welcome to 12v.org! The goal of this site is to help people who are trying to maintain their own 12v Audi. If you poke around the site, you will find technical notes on how thing work, tips and procedures on how to fix things, and links to go elsewhere for other needs.

Engine: Here you will find basic information about things that are common to all Audis with the 12v V6 engine. This includes the engine and several major subsystems. This section is for learning, not necessarily troubleshooting (though knowing the engine will help you find problems).

Cars: In theory, this section contains information on each model that uses the 12v engine. In practice, it's fairly incomplete at this point.

Links: Here you will find links to other sites that offer content specifically aimed at Audis with the 12v V6 engine.

Registry: Show off your Audi here! You can see what other people think of their Audi, and add an entry for your own.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the site, the engine, and the cars that use it.

Maintenance: This is the main focus of the site. Here you'll find help identifying and troubleshooting problems and instructions on how to fix them yourself.

Modifications: 12v.org is not about tuning - there are other places to go for that. If you're interested in making your Audi quicker, start at the Links section. The main point of the Modifications section is to provide technical information to help you make 'quality of life' improvements to your Audi.